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HCF EquipmentSpecific to each facility

State-of-the-art Equipment

HCF Management takes pride in serving our residents and strives to maximize independent functionality within different environments by using a variety of techniques, tools and equipment. Many of our care communities are equipped with the same Accelerated Care Plus Modalities, while others feature additional programs with specialized equipment. Varying equipment includes the following:

ACP’s Omnicycle

ACP’s Omnicycle™ Elite Motorized Rehabilitation System

ACP’s Omnicycle™ Elite Motorized Rehabilitation System represents the most advanced therapy cycle technology available today. It accommodates post-acute patients who may be unable to participate in therapeutic exercises due to lack of strength, coordination, partial paralysis, respiratory limitations and other conditions. The Omnicycle™ Elite supports expanded therapy services for neurological rehabilitation (Stroke-CVA), orthopedic rehabilitation (TKA, THA, Shoulder, UE) and cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation (COPD).

ACP’s Megapulse® II Shortwave Diathermy

ACP’s MegapulseOur Mega Pulse II Shortwave Diathermy equipment, for the application of electromagnetic energy to the body at shortwave frequencies, is used to treat a wide range of conditions with successful outcomes. This electrotherapy elevates the tissue to a temperature at which optimal healing can occur. Shortwave diathermy is continuous, rather than pulsed, when it is necessary to treat a larger anatomical area. These medical issues include acute and sub-acute traumatic and inflammatory conditions, chronic rheumatoid and arthritic conditions, resolution of hematomas and pain relief. This system is widely recognized as one of the most reliable and efficient devices in the industry. It provides uniform heating for patient comfort and safety. Its output parameters have been carefully selected for use with the elderly.

ACP’s Omnisound® 3000 Pro

ACP’s OmnisoundACP’s Omnisound® 3000 Pro is the most extensively researched ultrasound device available. It is supported by numerous research articles for superior outcomes and safety. When applied to soft tissue, muscles and tendons, this state-of-the-art therapy can create a heating effect to help reduce pain, increase blood flow, increase the extensibility of collagen tissues, decrease joint stiffness, reduce muscle spasms and decrease chronic inflammation associated with conditions such as bursitis and tendonitis. Ultrasound is generally considered painless and is well-tolerated by most patients.
Ultrasound device can be used in pulse or continuous modes for both thermal and sub-thermal applications. It offers consistent heating effects for patient comfort. This exceptional beam supports safer treatment for geriatric patients with reduced muscle mass and sensitive joints.

Synchrony™ – Dysphagia Solutions

Selecting the right therapy provider for the treatment of Dysphagia is a critical decision to make. Without successful treatment, Dysphagia often requires management interventions such as modified diets or tube feeding. Serious complications include dehydration, malnutrition, higher rate of infection and aspiration pneumonia, as well as increased mortality for those with Dysphagia. It may also compromise quality of life and limit the ability to participate in normal social activities; leading to diminished emotional well-being or depression. Consider our program if you are experiencing difficulty swallowing or Dysphagia as a result from a stroke, brain injury, cancer or neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

Our specialized treatment program for Dysphagia is supported by leading-edge medical technology and evidence-based protocols, in conjunction with advanced Speech Language Pathologist training.

Omnistim® FX2 “Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation” (PENS)

Omnistim® FX2With multiple patients related to Dysphagia, this proprietary e-stim waveform provides effective treatment for muscle weakness and neuromuscular re-education.

  • Patented applications for Dysphagia treatment
  • Helps improve neuromuscular control required for normal swallowing function
  • Addresses muscular disuse atrophy often associated with swallowing dysfunction
  • Provides passive “muscle warm-up” to augmenr therapeutic exercise, including OmnisEMG™ system featured below.
  • Gentle e-stim waveform is readily tolerated by most patients including again adults.

OmnistimEMG™ Virtual reality Assisted Therapy

Using sEMG biofeedback signals, this unique Virtual reality Assisted System allows Speech Language Pathologist and patients to visualize swallowing activity in “real time” – a world’s first. This important capability helps Speech Language Pathologist evaluate the quality of a swallow to guide therapeutic intervention while monitoring therapy progression. The system also features several game-like, interactive activities shown on a color monitor, which help motivate patients for superior exercise performance and improved outcomes.

  • Real-time assessment of treatment effectiveness and progression
  • Virtually reality augmented therapy actively engages patients with feedback that helps facilitate swallow behavior changes.
  • Virtual reality “immersion” helps motivate patients for increased exercise duration and intensity
  • Specialized software captures swallowing data for objective measurement of therapy progression.
  • Objective measurement data including time periods and amount of muscle activity exerted
  • Objective data may also be used to optimize application of progressive resistance exercise.

Synchrony™ is a Revolutionary, Evidence-Based approach to Dysphagia Treatment

  • SynchronySafe, non-invasive and medication –free treatment
  • Effective treatment protocols and technology based on evidence-based practice
  • Advanced virtual reality assisted sEMG biofeedback enables Speech Language Pathologist to evaluate the dynamics of a normal effortful or Mendelsohn swallow in “real-time”
  • Virtual reality assisted sEMG biofeedback enables patients to participate in several interactive oral, motor and pharyngeal exercises to enhance motivation and exercise performance.
  • Proprietary Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (PENS) helps address muscle weakness and re-establish neuromuscular control, while providing passive muscle strengthen
  • Facility Speech Language Pathologist receives advanced training on Dysphagia treatment protocols and related equipment form an ASHA approved CE Provider.
  • Programs development by ACP, the Nation’s leading provider in integrated Clinical Programs for Post-acute and chronic care.

Wii™ Therapy System

The Wii™ helps restore balance, functional mobility, hand-eye coordination, reflex responses and memory—all in a fun and engaging way.

General Therapy Equipment

  • Adjustable Parallel Bars
  • Bariatric Dual Release Walker
  • Bariatric Electric Stand-in Table
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Dumbbells and Cuff Weight sets
  • Hand Dynamometers and Pinch Gauges
  • Hi-Lo Electric Mat Table
  • Ice Packs
  • Moist Hot Packs
  • Nu-Step Recumbent Cross Trainers
  • Pulley Weight System
  • Staircase
  • Theraband Resistant Bands
  • Treadmills